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Main Features

  • Controllable Function: Light Control
  • Features: LED Indicator
  • Power Rating: 960 W
  • Application/Usage: Light Controlling

Marketing Information

Transform any home into a smart home with the GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/ Off Switch. The on/ off switch replaces your current light switch, uses your existing wiring, and provides Z-Wave wireless and in-wall control of overhead lighting. The switch enables wireless control of on/ off functions of direct wire incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen and fluorescent lighting. Providing ultimate flexibility, the GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/ Off Switch allows you to operate the switch by itself or easily integrate the switch with two-way, three-way or four-way wiring configurations by adding the GE Auxiliary switch for Z-Wave. Two-way wiring configuration turns the light or appliance on/ off from one location. Three-way wiring configuration turns the light or appliance on/ off from two separate locations. Four-way wiring configuration turns the light or appliance on/ off from three separate locations. The GE Auxiliary Switch for Z-Wave is required for Three-way or Four-way installations. The lighting control includes a blue LED indicator light to easily locate the switch in a dark room. Take control of your home lighting with GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Controls! Z-Wave is the world’s largest ecosystem of interoperable smart home products. Z-Wave lighting controls provide an easy-to-install and affordable system to control lighting and small appliances in your home. Add GE Z-Wave lighting controls to a Z-Wave certified gateway to access and control your home from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or computer as a home automation command center. Never worry if you accidentally left the lights on because you can turn them off remotely or program your lights to go on/ off at specific times. Create customized lighting scenes for any occasion such as a “go to sleep” scene or a “movie night” scene. Give the illusion that someone is home by programming the lights to turn on/ off while you are away-perfect for deterring crime and adding additional security!


  • Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch, GEIN-WALL PADDLE SWITCH – ON/OF, Jasco Products Co Llc
  • Z-Wave Lighting Controls, Z-Wave, Intrusion & Z-Wave
  • 030878127226


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